Microsoft Teams Integration

Clients can save up to 50% on Microsoft Team PBX services

Why Microsoft Teams®

Microsoft Teams ® offers an unprecedented feature set for office communication. This integration will allow for AustenTel extensions and MS Teams extensions to seamlessly communicate with each other. Additionally, MS Teams members can belong to hunt groups or agent groups, along with receiving and making outbound calls all from the AustenTel PBX. Employees who have no need to take advantage of utilizing MS Teams can still have a registered SIP phone, making it possible for them to still be called from an MS Teams extension through direct routing.

How AustenTel can help solve challenges

In many business environments connectivity to standard VoIP devices can be challenging. There are two cases to consider:

  • Users that would like to have a desktop phone which is not certified with Teams along with the Teams softphones . This phone should ring along with the Teams devices as a call comes in, and it should be possible to make outbound calls from either device.
  • Users that don’t have a Teams account in the company should be able to call Teams extensions, receive calls from Teams extensions and transfer between other extensions. Especially in companies with a large number of non-office workers like factories, transportation operators or retail chains, users can benefit from the possibility to mix and match office and non-office users.